Indigo Industry Analysis


Understanding the big picture


Industry analysis is give to provide an understanding of each companies "big picture" in terms of the key macro trends and developments, such as market share changes, new entrants, changing composition etc.... Below some examples of Indigo's industry analysis that are provided.


See also Company Financial Analysis by Indigo Equity Research.



Indigo Industry Analysis

Market Size & Growth


Market Shares


Market growth & market shares

Example : USA Wireless Market

USA wireless market growth and market shares of the key wireless operators.

Market_Size_1   Market_Share_1

Market size & growth by segment

Example : USA Internet Advertising Market

A breakdown of the internet ad market by its largest segments, and the related Growth of each segment.

Market_Size_2   Market_Growth_2

Market size & growth  &  Market shares

Example : Global PC sector

The global PC market size & growth; and market shares of the key manufacturers.

Market_Size_3   Market_Share_3

Market size & growth by segment

Example : Global Mobile Phone Market

Global mobile phone (handset) industry by segment.

Market_Size_4   Market_Growth_4


Note on Industry Analysis

This is not a complete list or description of the industry analysis completed Indigo Equity Research. The industry analysis completed will depend on the quantity, quality and reliability of data that is available. Indigo focuses primarily on high-level macro analysis to get the big picture right, not micro analysis of market segments. Indigo relies on data from a number of different sources (eg. Gartner, IDC, Forester ....), either from major consultancies, government bodies (eg. regulators), non-governmental agencies (eg. ITU - International Telecommunications Union) and our own estimates.