Indigo Fundamental Analysis


Analysis of the key fundamental earnings drivers - Putting it all together


The key fudanmental drivers are analysed to provide a accurate view of share price, earnings and PE drivers; and thus value.







Indigo Analysis


Indigo Analysis


Share  Price,  EPS  &  PE

Comparison of Share Price, EPS and PE ratios, over the last ten years.

share price graph arrow share price pe graph

EBIT and EPS analysis,

Comparison of EBIT per share and EPS on Trailing Twelve Month basis.

eps ebit graph 1 arrow eps ebit graph 2
     TTM  =  Trailing 12 months    

EPS  drivers 

Analysis of the key drivers of EPS  (EBIT, Other Income, Taxes, Share Repurchases ...).

eps graph    
      §  =   On a constant per share basis.     

EBIT drivers 

Analysis of the key EBIT drivers (Revenue growth & EBIT Margin expansion).

ebit graph  arrow ebit drivers graph

Return  &  Profit  Margins 

Net income is adjusted for unusual items;  The objective is to display how the company's the core net income is changing.

return graph   margins graph

EPS  -  as impacted by Tax Rates & Share in Issues

Analysis of EPS compared to what EPS would have been had tax rates and shares in issue remained constant over the last ten years. 

eps graph 1    

Tax  Rates  &  Shares  in  Issue

Analysis of changing tax rates and the amount of shares in issue (ie. share repurchases).
tax rates graph   shares graph


 *  =  Excludes Unusual Items

TTM  =  Trailing 12 months

§  =   On a constant per share basis over the last ten years.


Note on adjustments for "Unusual Items"

Indigo Equity Research determines what constitutes an "Unusual Item". Generally an "Unusual Item" is a large, one-off charge or benefit that is unlikely to recur; from an investor's perspective. Typically this relates to gains or losses on the disposal or acquisition of businesses; or the write-down of intangible assets. The determination of what is considered unusual is independent of accounting regulations or management influence (or sell-side equity research analysts).