Who we are

The senior equity analyst of Indigo Equity Research, Nick Landell-Mills, qualified as an accountant (ACA) with Price Waterhouse Coopers and holds a CFA charter (Chartered Financial Analyst). He has over 16 years buy-side investment experience in analysing companies.

He has worked at British Telecom (in corporate finance), a $1bn technology fund (as a telecoms equity analyst), and Citigroup (as a generalist equity analyst) for one of the 20 richest people in the world who had >$20 bn in assets (of which c. $15 bn was in equities).

In 2007-8, as the financial crisis broke (and long before Lehmans collapsed), Nick repeatedly advised Citigroup's largest private banking client to sell of his equity investments and/or adopt zero cost collars. In 2009, Nick left Citigroup and established Indigo Equity Research.