About Us


Indigo equity research reports are used for:

  1. Stock picking; Selecting companies that will out-perform (and to avoid companies that are likely to under-perform); 
  2. Portfolio selection. ie. pick stocks that meet investment strategies given the risk, quality & return criteria;
  3. Review, generate or validate investment ideas;
  4. Substantiate investment rationale;  
  5. Track company performance; and make peer comparisons.

Why use Indigo Equity Research reports?

We are independent so we can say what we think is best and our views are frequently contrarian.

Excellent track record -  We provide past reecommendation & reports as evidence of how we have performed.

We have no conflicts of interest - no investment banking or brokerage services, nor relationships with the companies that we cover.

We provide a fundamental, long term view of a company.

We save you the time and effort of doing the background research & leg-work on companies; such as reading the financial report and accounts, 10-K, 8-K, 10-Q, company presentations, news flow, latest results (ie. profit & loss, balance sheet, cash flows & notes to the accounts), etc.....  The aim is to provide a comprehensive understanding of a company and the associated risk profile. 

Indigo Equity Analysis is built on the belief that: 
  • Active portfolio management is critical to wealth creation.
  • Equity research is central to good wealth management.
  • The careful selection of solid, promising companies at reasonable prices, is a sound way to invest to achieve superior equity returns over 3-5 years.
  • Long term equity investment decisions should be based on sound rationale, a comprehensive understanding of the risks & returns, and analysis of company fundamentals.
  • To be reliable, equity research must come from a source that is unbiased and with no conflicts of interest.
  • There is a need for this service due to disappointment with sell-side analysts.